About us


Cherven neuropsychiatric boarding house - a place where help and understand, sympathize, and will warm a kind word. This is - a world of warmth and caring, compassion and love.
     The goal of all work here - to improve the physical, emotional, psychological state of the people living here sick. A lot of them here - 315 people. And each requires attention, sympathy, empathy and care.
     Much attention is paid to occupational therapy, which is one of the constituent elements of the complex treatment of patients with mental disorders.
     Developing and strengthening the skills to self-employment and feasible.
Conducting occupational therapy assigned as instructors in occupational therapy, and the trained health workers among the middle and junior medical staff.
     The boarding house used such forms of occupational therapy as group work, individual work (self-service), working in medical and employment workshops (sewing, carpentry, art, vegetal). Residents willing to work in the garden and the garden part-time farm, caring for animals, produced artistic works and works of applied applications.
     Under the guidance of experts and many original products of wood, straw, cloth, thread and other materials made hands of residents, are beautifully decorated and on display at exhibitions, on the floors, decorate living rooms ...
     Draws attention sewing workshop. It has an experienced cutter, which helps to master the skills of sewing.
     Placing live-compartments subject health, age, sex, and their character, if possible, according to their own wishes. The boarding house is set the date in accordance with the internal regulations approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus.
     Organized by living a balanced diet (breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, 1st, 2nd and dinner). Dietary food for medical reasons organized according to the conclusion of the attending physician. Developed 7-day menu based on time of year. The huge hall for physical training and sports training equipment and is equipped with numerous shells. Here, many people like to spend their free time.
     And in a spacious assembly hall held rehearsals of amateur performances, concerts are put. Is their "artists" who successfully master playing musical instruments.
     At a high level of managed care. There are highly qualified specialists - 3 psychiatrist, nurses in the amount of 21 people, nurses - 98 people. There are 3 treatment rooms, dental, physiotherapy, massage and physical therapy.
     It provides all kinds of therapeutic care, first aid for surgical, gynecological, infectious diseases, the treatment of ocular diseases otolaringicheskih intended relevant professionals. Emergency and planned care is provided by medical specialists of assigned medical institutions of health care.